Monday, May 20, 2013

Some random, and not so random things I've realized I'm thankful for...

In no particular order, just jotting these down as they come into my head.
  • I got my driver's license three years ago.  Boy would this be difficult if I were navigating public transit to and from the hospital.
  • The Internet.  It helps combat hospital boredom, enables me to research medical stuff, coordinates our support network, and allows me, of course, to write into the void - to all of you.  And, as a plug, if you are interested in helping us - check out this old post  :
  • Amazon Prime.  Need I say more?
  • Modern medicine.
  • My mom.  She is so, so helpful.  
  • Tobias Funke (excuse the missing umlaut, that is not easy to figure out in blogger) is coming baaaack.  [Giving credit where credit is due to these images...]

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Unknown said...

So excited for another season!
that I think I figured out how to leave a comment.

Wins all around.