Sunday, April 10, 2005

ah transience.

[Disclaimer: Sorry for the lack of apostrophes in this post. You may notice a distinct lack of conjuctions. Lately when I try to write on the server will not let me post what I have written. In an effort to avoid that frustration, I am writing on word and then pasting into blogger.]

I briefly considered making this into a top 10 list since I received a request to include more of those on my blog. Since this top 10 list would have enumerated things I hate doing, I figured I could stand to complain about only one or two things instead of whining about ten. On the other hand, this will go into significantly more detail than a mere top ten list and for that, I apologize.

So, by my calculations I have moved about nine times in the last six years. This is getting really really old. To rub salt in my wounds, various friends of mine in far off Midwestern lands are buying houses while I scrounge to collect on security deposits. Although I am disenchanted with my latest search for summer housing, I have benefited from the distraction of Craigslist once again. In case you have never checked out the various subsections on the Craigslist website I encourage you to explore the strictly platonic section. There are some disturbing, intriguing, and all around weird things getting posted there. It is a cross section of some strictly sad and lonely posts and some serious searching for community. I have nothing more profound to say than that. I simply cannot stop reading. Oh, and if you are looking to cheat (?) on your spouse or get high in San Ramon, look no further. Feel free to share other gems.

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dirteens said...

argh. the specific links to craigslist posts don't work. i have not the energy to fix them. if you're really curious - snoop around the website.