Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Last night I was sad about my sorry lack of conjuctions on this blog. Just as I was wallowing in pity, I thought of a book Un Gunk (Richard) bought long ago. Although it is annoying to lack conjunctions, it is hard (no difficult, trying, impossibl...) to blog without making an input from a spot on my laptop b/w (cop-out) W and R. This author has a book (!!) without that wily and ubiquitous symbol. Most amazingly, a translator took what was first in Francais and put it into Anglais! Look at this link for additional appraisal and analysis.


ctn said...

uummm. . . dirteens, dear, this posting made *no* sense to me. i don't get it. especially the second sentence i must be getting dumber by the minute.

what's up with "conjuctions" and why must you hate them?

lizardo said...

long ago i had that book as a prop acting as a disny princss. it is very odd, it is not for kids.
(this abstaining is mad hard, your post is amazing.)

to ctn: oui, it is confusing. but dirtina (important: its right in this post with an "i") simply lacks "half quotation mark" symbol. for dirtina has word on a mac and blogger is dumb.

but odd author from childhood lacks fifth symbol of abcs.

ctn said...

lizardo - i don't get your post, either. or ithr.

dirteens said...

good post sis. thought i might not see postings from you b/c of long gap sinc* i last saw anything from you. your corr*spond*nc* with ms. ctn was amusing. i hop* you two can m**t som*day.