Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Why is it that people who either never talk or typically ask insightful questions decide that review sessions are the perfect time to ask INANE questions? I suppose the empathetic answer is that these people are anxious but seriously, can we curb asking totally obvious questions? If the Professor gives you a handout about what the rules for the exam will be, read the freaking handout before asking if it means what it says. Oy!


dirteens said...

i realized the reason that i'm annoyed at these (relatively obvious) questions is actually because i'm anxious too. i'm always thinking about how i could better use my time... thought i should redirect my annoyance back at myself.

ctn said...

it's alright - you're a smartypants who knows all the answers and will break the curve. thank god we're at different schools.

dirteens said...

ctn - i miss you. you are the true curvebreaker. i hope things are going okay with a certain pesky organization. once my evidence final is over i'll give you a call.