Wednesday, April 06, 2005

i'm not better than you, i just act like i am

This entire week, I have been one day ahead of myself. My days have been so consumed with pesky administrative tasks and running from one thing to another that I've honestly gone to bed, for instance, on Tuesday, fully thinking that I would wake up to Thursday and all of its ensuing responsibilities.

As I write this though, I regret it. Far too often people (myself included) bemoan the predicaments they've deliberately gotten themselves into. The way I see it, people respond to this in one of two ways. [Disclaimer: I'm talking specifically about law students here because those are the folks I'm surrounded by on a daily basis.]
1. Talk about how much they study or how hard they're working in order to make you [the listener] feel guilty about how they aren't doing nearly enough work.
2. Talk about how much they DON'T study and how they're busy doing a million other things so you [the listener] feel guilty about how you occasionally have to time to study or (gasp) relax.
I want to be more conscious of this tendency in myself and shy completely away from trying to put myself in a subjectively superior position in respect to others. Hence, I ask any readers who catch me exhibiting this attitude to call me out.

And, on a lighter note - my bets for ANTM are already awash despite the fact that I only ranked my finalists today. I had suspected that the judges would finally get a clue and eliminate the whiny and wrestle-y Michelle. Unfortunately, they made the awful decision to eliminate Lluvy - the endearing, strangely beautiful, janitor from Modesto. On that hometown note, I am bummed that Rebecca is from Minnesota - she gives the whole state a prissy, and Girl Scouty vibe...


ctn said...

i undertsand what you're saying, but frankly i don't think you personally need to worry re: acting superior to other people. but yes - i would tell you if i saw you doing it; or maybe you'll recognize it from my raised eyebrows.

i think it's a berkeley phenomenon, by the way - it goes w/ a lot of folks in the public sector. in part, i think, b/c the jobs are often thankless and the money isn't great, people need a sense of self-worth from other sources.

i don't feel such need. i don't study but i also don't do jack-sh*t. all i do is sit around and cover my right eye and marvel at how blurry the world is

leroy said...

Do you speak Greek?

JDM informed me of what this means.

I'm speechless.

dirteens said...

that's it... i don't "speak greek" if you know what i mean... and i think you do.

adogg said...

I would like to concur with the above opinion. Or, something like that. People were never such whinging poms about studying in undergrad. Oh, wait, yes they were.