Tuesday, April 26, 2005


one of the problems with blogging is that if you deem to write about something other than yourself, such as current events, you have to move fast. if you don't post quickly you run the risk of being old news. with that duly noted i will write on a current event. because i don't feel like i have much time, this likely won't be all that thoughtful...

this past sunday was "Justice Sunday" for folks affiliated with Focus on the Family and Family Research Council. apparently it was also "Justice Sunday" for "people of faith" in the Heartland who are realizing that "actions in Washington have a direct impact on their lives." without getting into the deeply troubling notions of the campaign against filibustering and the misplaced concerns about judicial activism, let's stop with the words -- "Justice Sunday."

i am blown away by the fact that these judicial activists are claiming "justice" as their own. on a larger scale i am outraged by how a certain right-wing faction of Christians have laid claim to my faith. my faith which i hope is not so essentializing, which i hope humanizes and helps me to see God in others, and that tends to favor non-interference with the State. what's harder about all of this, on a personal level, is that in one-on-one conversations i am more hesitant than ever to bring up the fact that I'm a Christian. it's as though (at least in Berkeley) i'm hiding a dark secret.

on that depressing note, i'll add another. i think i lost my watch. this is also distressing though not as much as the Religious Right.


Anonymous said...

New RSO on campus: "the religious left"

Only somewhat not related Christianity and culture links:



Sixth week iv large group possibility:
discussion and screening of "Saved!"

dirteens said...


thanks for passing on these links. they are definitely intesesting and i wish i were going to be around for the "saved" discussion. LOVED that movie.
although it's great that organizations like matthew's house, evangelicals for social action, and the religious left exist - i still maintain that we've got a major problem. with the exception of Jim Wallis i don't think progressive Christians are getting any press. we're still in the throes of a total media monopoly.

Anonymous said...

true dat, sadly.
i posted the links in hopes of cheering you up.
and yes, it's me, your lil' sister.
i 'spose i should start signing my name.

dirteens said...

you did cheer me up. it always makes me happy to hear from you and i'm glad this piece of the www has become a space for us to keep in touch. aww.

A. Theist said...

Welcome...we've been expecting you. Mwuah-ha-ha!

cdw said...

dirteens and sister:
here's one theologian you might check out. you know, after you're done with finals and have time to read books for pleasure once again. speaking of, best of luck with finals.


rotina said...

Well, you're gonna LOVE this: http://mediamatters.org/items/200504280002.

Megadittos indeed.