Sunday, April 24, 2005

study break

Take my Quiz on! Please note that in one part of this quiz I erroneously used the name "Emily" to refer to myself. I got the link to the site where you can create these quizzes from Emily S and used a few of her questions as starting points for my own. For purposes of this quiz, consider Emily to be one of my (many) aliases.


mroop said...

Why oh why, must you distract me, you temptress? Here I sit, in Con Law, Barely paying attention as it is, and then you offer me quizzes. It's like you can hear my thoughts. And then like you ignore those thoughts that are encouraging me to pass my classes and only pay attention to those screaming "entertain me!" "get me drunk!" Those thoughts are going to get big heads if people keep listening to them. Pushy bitches.

dirteens said...

i do what i can. well, that and i have ESPN... i'll call you tonight to discuss banquet details.