Monday, April 18, 2005

i am not a hipster and i miss home

Certain blog servers allow you to post what hot tunes you happen to be listening to while you blog. That feature fails to impress me. Although I appreciate knowing what sort of mood my fellow bloggers happen to be in, it seems like a shameless way to display hipness. Since I tend to post when I am fully exhausted I am typically listening to one of two things as of late: Evan Dando or Caedmons Call. In anticipation of "Lila Sings to Jesus" I have also been partaking of some Donnie McClurkin. Now that we have that out of the way, none of you will ever have to hear about my unremarkable musical taste again. (Who am I kidding, I can make no promises but... I can guarantee that you will not have frequent updates. This is because I care. And probably because I am bashful about my unhipness.)

Snooping around online today while I should have been studying I came across two blogs of some pals from Mpls (see links to Mr. $elb and Berge Dynamite). It was so wonderful to get a brief glimpse into the daily lives of folks I miss. Reading their posts made me miss home. I am nostalgic for lakes, for melting snow (note: definitely NOT snow itself), and for the comfort of a neighborhood that I saw change for 17 years. The only perceptible change I have observed in Berkeley over the past year and a half is the advent of more and more Bubble Tea Chains. I think, after close and scientific survey studies, that Q-Cup really is the best. Something about their tapioca is sweeter than the other places.

Speaking of food, awhile ago jdm wrote about his penchant for oatmeal with... cheese. I love cheese. Make no mistake about it, I adore cheese. However, I cannot support eating cheese with just anything. Oatmeal is among the substances that I think should stay far from the fromage. However, in an effort to seem less judgmental I will share one of my new and odd favorite snacks: peach-applesauce with whipped cream. It is so so good. Try it. If you cannot track down chi chi organic peach & applesauce probably any applesauce will do.


Anonymous said...

i think you're mad hip. but you would be hipper if you tried strange food combinations that incorporated CHEESE. but you wouldn't be a hiptina, because that would be like crossing you with a hippo. and then you might be stronger and more magical than a liger, and that's just scary.
what happened to jdm's blog? tell him i miss it.
sigh...i miss home too. you had best get yourself home sometime this summer. we can bike at lake harriet and stuff. and maybe take a break to teach doobah to swim or something.
-yo' sis

dirteens said...

lizardo - i wish i could be more adventureomse with cheese but it's so good on it's own i can't bear to taint it. jdm's blog should still be around. perhaps you tried to access it while he was updating it or something. if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.
i will get myself home this summer. there will be SERIOUS bike rides. SERIOUS feta eating. and SERIOUS racko.