Wednesday, April 13, 2005


1. I was all psyched today because I finally became a Lexis Nexis "Elite Member." Then I read this. Glad I don't have stock in their company... or any stock at all for that matter...
2. My picks for America's Next Top Model have definitely gone to pot. I have no hope of winning the pool. Crazy Tyra went ahead and eliminated 2 of my top 5 tonight. Go UPN for not using Taye Diggs for another "acting" episode and for actually conceiving of a "surprise" ending.


DB said...

Isn't this the second time in as many weeks that potentially sensitive information involving your identity has been compromised? First Berkeley and its laptops, and now Lexis-Nexis. Watch out!

Also. Which is a more awesome nickname:
"Whispering Death" or "Future Master"?

dirteens said...

GP. it IS the second time in about two weeks that my security has been compromised. what next? i shudder to think.

if i knew what you needed a nickname for that context might help me decide on which was more awesome. i like both options. however, my vote goes for whispering death. if you say it real quiet and raspy-like it sounds scary.