Thursday, April 28, 2005

OC outage outrage

for me (and probably many of us) it is always distressing to see GW on primetime television. either a national catastrophe has occured or the state of the union is interrupting perfectly good programming. (there are exceptions to this general rule: i was addicted to the presidential debates which were admittedly broadcast during primetime)

tonight, el presidente's face on my TV signified something new and horrible. our president held a press conference over the OC. i was dumbfounded. shaken to my core. all week i had been looking forward to the new episode. with nothing but the rules of impeachment and rehabilitation to inspire me during the day i needed some drama between some sandy and kirsten, some hot trey action...

even more distressing than the preemption of the show in the first place was the fact that it all seemed entirely unnececssary. first, gas prices aren't my thing. i don't drive. i can't drive. i should probably try to care more (and in reality, i do) but tonight i am bitter. [note to self -- i should also get my driver's license.] secondly, my roommate noted these words on the top left hand side of the TV screen during the presidential address: "LIVE - recorded earlier."

now what in the world does that mean? how is something "live" if it was in fact recorded earlier in the day? why, WHY, did stupid FOX have to show this tape during MY show?

enough - back to the books.


T. Keith said...

Love it or leave it, pinko!

Maya said...

Dear Ms. Boosalis,

We are saddened by your comments. We at Fox believe it is important to keep you, our loyal viewers, informed about what is going on in the world. This speech that we televised was extraordinarily important, and we stand by our decision to televise it in lieu of the O.C. In a democracy, Ms. Boosalis, we must make certain sacrifices to have an informed electorate.

At this point, we would like to explain to you that the speech was about much more than gas prices. However we do not know this for sure. In fact, until we read your comments, we did not even realize gas prices was a part of the speech. You see, we, like the rest of America, did not actually watch the speech. As it turns out, the speech was unbearably boring. We all tried to watch it live, and we couldn't get through it, so we figured we should rerun it and try again, but we kept getting side-tracked.

For example, Anthony Butler, the new intern here, was reciting a poem and it was so moving we couldn't pay attention. Truthfully, it wasn't so much a poem as it was him reading some messages from someone's high school yearbook while he tapped a pencil on the desk in the newsroom, but MY GOD was the speech boring. And long. And BORING. Thanks a lot. Now I'm reliving it.

I hope you're happy, Ms. Boosalis. Your disrespect for the value of informing the public has made me recall some of that information we were so desperate to disperse and realize that no one, myself included, gives a damn about what Bush has to say unless nothing better is on. And I mean NOTHING. Not even Elimidate. Oh Damn! We should have just watched Elimidate.

20th Century Fox

dirteens said...

best comment - ever. thank you 20th century fox - er maya.

ctn said...

oh my god. that's the biggest scam of the century!! rupert is a *black woman*?! all this time i thought it was this old dude. . .